Sean Stidman
2117 North Emerson Street
Arlington, VA 22207-1949
(703) 855-3428

Secure a position which engages my broad mix of skills to help lead engineering efforts through the design, build and support of complex systems. I am best suited for positions with a wide scope of technical areas and am most interested in projects that involve the design & implementation of web based systems.

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Because I enjoy diving into new technical areas and am able to learn quickly, my previous assignments have varied greatly over the technical spectrum. By not specializing in any particular field, I have attained a diverse knowledge set which affords me the flexibility to work on any assignment that comes along.

Possessing the broad perspective to understand a business problem along with the ability to comprehend the technical details to implement a solution offers me the rare ability to gather useful requirements and architect a functional solution. Previous management and team lead positions have provided the necessary background for leading teams of engineers through the design and implementation of those systems.

By combining my diverse knowledge set with my strong communication skills, I've become talented at explaining complex technical problems in simple terms to less technical people, serving as a bridge between technical people from different fields, preparing clear and useful reports, and writing accessible and well organized system documentation. This diverse knowledge set also makes me particularly adept at analyzing problems. I am able to examine a problem from many different technical viewpoints and solve problems more readily.

Given a great deal of responsibility at former jobs including leading other employees, handling client relationships and overseeing most aspects of large projects with little supervision from higher levels of management. This was a result of my knowledge, communication skills, flexibility and professionalism. Responsible for the architecture, design and coding of systems of all sizes in various languages. I have installed, configured, and maintained various databases, Unix/Windows/MacOS server operating systems, server software, and network components. Also responsible for monitoring systems for performance and security issues. Frequently assigned to work on technologies for which I had no prior background, but have always been able to apply myself to learning the needed skills in a short period of time.

Fannie Mae
June 2002 to Present

Senior Engineer; October 2005 - Present
Engineer (Employee); February 2003 - October 2005
Engineer (Contractor); June 2002 - February 2003

Responsible for maintaining all aspects of the Fannie Mae Internet environment. Responsibilities included:

  • Leading engineering teams through numerous technical projects.
  • Working with business teams to gather requirements & design and implement solutions
  • Administering & troubleshooting all WebLogic, Apache & iPlanet applications
  • Programming tasks in support of various initiatives such as SOX compliance, sophisticated archival of all application logs, system monitoring, the collection and presentation of system configuration data, etc.
  • Administering & troubleshooting various networking components including Radware load balancers and FireProofs, CheckPoint firewalls, Resonate Global Load Balancers, SonicWall SSL Accelerators, BlueCoat Proxy Servers and Bind DNS
  • Training & mentoring new engineers
  • Documenting all policies & procedures
  • Developing and maintaining an extensive web site for the group
  • Maintaining Verisign SSL certificates for all servers
  • Reviewing the troubleshooting analyses performed by other engineers on a weekly basis
  • Interacting with developers, testers and support personnel from other groups

Equity Guaranty, LLC
October 2001 to March 2002

Director of Software Development; January 2002 - March 2002

Promoted to Director position after 2 months. Retained all job functions of Senior Software Developer position but was also tasked with the following responsibilities:

  • Managing two software developers and a database administrator
  • Analyzing and documenting business practices of entire company
  • Helping architect and facilitate modifications to property title system
  • Serving as the interface between Equity Guaranty and Gator Systems

Senior Software Developer; October 2001 - December 2001

Supported mortgage and property title systems by customizing software, troubleshooting system faults, and assisting end-users. Responsibilities included:

  • Writing applications in Visual Basic and VBA for various internal projects
  • Developing various reports using Crystal Reports
  • Customizing loan origination system by writing code in the Scheme language
  • Modifying documents created with the Greatlands document software
  • Showing others how to perform various administrative tasks in Linux
  • Analyzing SQL queries using Microsoft SQL Server Query Analyzer
  • Supporting Gator Systems GATORS property title system
  • Supporting Integra Destiny loan origination system

Outbounder, Inc (formerly UUcom, Inc.)
August 1997 to October 2001

Ranger Project; Production Engineer, Configuration Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Oracle DBA; January 2000 - October 2001

Tasked with numerous responsibilities on this internal project to create a robust, highly scalable, massively high-throughput system targeting email, web, instant-messaging, pagers, fax and voice channels. Responsibilities included:

  • Playing a major role in the architecture for this system consisting of more than 20 subsystems running on 14 Solaris servers
  • Diagnosing system problems, which frequently required that I review Java and C code
  • Serving as the secondary Oracle 8i Database administrator
  • Analyzing performance issues relating to the Oracle database, the Solaris O/S, and the Java and C source code, which required that I use truss, snoop, and the Java debugger
  • Analyzing database problems using explain plan and the Oracle Performance Pack
  • Analyzing software problems using truss and snoop
  • Re-writing a Visual Basic and VBScript DLL plugin for MS Outlook
  • Writing a prototype VoiceXML application
  • Managing 2 interns
  • Writing and executing unit, integration, stress, and performance test plans for the entire system
  • Designing the layout of the source code tree and maintained the Perforce software
  • Writing all Makefiles for the project

OneMain Project; Senior Programmer Analyst; October 1999 - December 1999

Assisted in the integration of the numerous ISP's that this national ISP acquired. Responsibilities included:

  • Modifying Courier IMAP to include support for LDAP
  • Writing the administrative section of their web site with Perl CGI scripts which interfaced with LDAP servers.

Signature-mail Project; Senior Programmer Analyst; November 1997 - October 1999

Chief architect for this major system which integrated RightFax fax servers, TeleForm form processing servers, a Sybase server, Netscape Enterprise web servers, Jrun servlet servers, and Real Audio servers, all of which I personally installed, configured, and maintained. I also:

  • Installed, configured, and maintained the network that consisted of Radware WSD Pro redirectors, TIS Gauntlet firewalls, the CSU/DSU for the fractional T3, and Cisco switches
  • Wrote almost all of the Unix side programs, written in Perl and C
  • Setup and maintained all of the Solaris, NT 4 and MacOS machines, which included keeping the service packs and patches up to date
  • Setup and maintained the Sun Netarray
  • Served as the primary point of contact for the customer
  • Assisted in code reviews of the Java code.

Erols Project; Programmer Analyst; September 1997 - November 1997

Worked in the Network Operations Center of the Internet Service Provider Erols. Responsible for:

  • Monitoring the network using HP Openview and TKIned/Scotty
  • Performing numerous system administration tasks on Linux and Solaris

February 1990 - August 1997

Started as an intern while still in college. Became a wireless engineer after graduating. Due to my interest in everything relating to computers, I was asked to support our Solaris based Wireless Engineering software. I started as the only support person, and as the support group grew I was tasked with managing 4 other support personnel. I managed relationships with clients from all over the world and did extensive traveling to every place imaginable.


Programming Languages

Perl, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, C, Visual Basic, JavaScript, VBScript, C#, C Shell, Bourne Shell, Oracle PL/SQL, Sybase Transact SQL, Microsoft Transact SQL, XML, Crystal Reports, VoiceXML, XSL, Pascal, Scheme, light Fortran programming on a VAX machine.

Advanced Programming

J2EE, LDAP, Oracle JDBC, Java Servlets, Velocity Templates, CyberCash SDK, Microsoft .Net framework.

Development Tools

NetBeans, Eclipse, Dreamweaver, Toad for Oracle, Visual Studio.

Operating Systems Administration

Solaris, Linux, Windows 9x/NT/2000, SunOS, MacOS, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Dec Unix, and Dec Ultrix. User level experience with PrimOS and VAX VMS.


Radware load balancers and FireProofs, CheckPoint and Linux IPChains firewalls, Resonate Global Load Balancers, SonicWall SSL Accelerators, BlueCoat Proxy Servers, Bind DNS, Cisco Switches, TIS Gauntlet Firewalls and network configuration of all O/S's which I administered.

Database Administration

Oracle 7/8/9/10, Sybase 4.x/10/11.0, Sybase 11.x Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), Microsoft SQL Server 2000, some exposure to MySQL.

Unix Software Administration

Apache Web Server, WebLogic 5/8/9, Netscape Enterprise Server/iPlanet/Sun One, VMWare, Sendmail, Q-Mail, Bind, JServ, JRun, Tomcat, Velocity, Stronghold Web Server, DHCPd, SSH/SSHd, Samba, SNMPd, HP Openview, NTPd, Courier IMAP, INN, Syslogd, Real Audio Servers, Online Disk Suite and Veritas.

Windows Software Administration

VMWare, TeleForm, FaxRight, IIS.



Performance Tuning/Analysis Experience

Oracle, Java, Solaris, Oracle Performance Pack, Java Debugger, Truss, Snoop, Microsoft SQL Server Query Analyzer.


Sun Netarray, Sun Sparc machines, Dialogic Fax boards.


Firewalls, TCP wrappers, SSH/SSHD.

  • BS Electrical Engineering; George Mason University; June 1992; 3.2 GPA
    Emphasis on computer design. Course on network design. Worked full time while attending school full time. President of Eta Kappa Nu (Honor Society for Electrical Engineers).
  • Oracle 8 Applications Development & Tuning: Hands-On; Learning Tree; June 2000
  • Hands-On Unix Programming; Learning Tree; April 2000

Outbounder Employee of the Year: June 1999
Outbounder Star Award: June 2000


Building PC's from parts; Maintaining small home network running Oracle and Sybase, Linux IP Chains firewall, Apache Web Server, Tomcat Servlet server, Sendmail, DHCP, etc.